Deep stairs

The dwarves of Forgehome reverently tell of a legend, a wonderful place called Deepreach that fell to evil. Deepreach was a mighty dwarven kingdom of old, one whose many great halls and lamp-lit corridors could have easily swallowed the colony of Forgehome in one of it’s bustling vaulted wards.

Cataclysm overtook Deepreach in the form of an unleashed monster of the deep, perhaps an ancient dragon or a primordial. Only a few dwarves escaped the disaster, and their descendants (one of which was Storvirk) founded Forgehome.

The legend of Deepreach is remarkably light on details, but this fact hasn’t dissuaded a series of dwarf would-be heroes from embarking from Forgehome which the stated intention of finding and reclaiming Deepreach. The lost dwarven kingdom is thought to lie in the deeps of the Underdark.


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