Tag: Dwarf


  • Arene Storvirk

    A brilliant engineer, Arene is the daughter of "Old Man" Storvirk. More than anything she wants to make her father proud of her.

  • "Old Man" Storvirk

    "Old Man" Storvirk is the discoverer of a major vent of rock where serveral veins of ores intertwine. The wealth of Storvirk's lode was so great that the entire community of Forgehome moved location to the vault above the lode to explore it's riches. …

  • Thora One-Eye

    Thora One-Eye runs the main Outlander's Exchange of Forgehome. A former explorer, she is anxious to hear her customers' stories. Repeat Customers learn to distrust her advice, which is more enthusiastic than wise.

  • Gardain

    When Gardain was still a young child his father sent him to train and fight with the Darksmasher mercenaries. The Darksmashers were ironwrought dwarves, trained in the elemental powers to help push back Goblins wherever they caused problems for dwarves …

  • Thorfin Gurnisson

    p. Thorfin didn't remember how long he wandered the caverns and tunnels of the Underdark. He had been taken during a raid. If he had but known about the attacker to the rear Thorfin might have been of greater use to the caravan. When he awoke he was with …

  • Nadin

    QUEST: *Seeker of Lost Lore* - Legend holds that the gods crafted a set of nine powerful runes, each imbued with a core of divine power, to help create the world and give it order. During the long war against the primordials, many of these runes were …