The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT22 - The Old Man and the Ballista


In the Domain of the Beholder, the Company of Wolves climb down a long deep tunnel and reach a vast cave with a mound surrounded by four obelisks. At the top of the mound a glaring column of solid energy beams straight upwards. Old Man Storvirk shouts from the top of the mound. Next to him is a ballista. He seems to be talking to the contraction as if it was a loved one and threats anyone who approaches.

FTT21 - The Myconid Colony

In the Library of Whispers the Company of Wolves find a secret passage to the Hermitage. After avoiding the Angel of Tharizdun statue trap, the drow ranger opens a treasure chest which reveals itself to be a mimic. From behind the shelves in the library two carrion crawlers come out to feed on the remains of the intruders of the hermitage.
Searching for Storvirk, the Company crosses the domain of the aboleth and use their new found key to open a Sun Door to the domain of the beholder, there they find the refuge of the myconid colony. The Myconids tries to assimilate the Company to their colony but are defeated by the fire powers of Lamashtu and Nadin.

Critters in the Library Encounter Level 4 (1,250xp)
1 Mimic
2 Carrion Crawlers
Angel of Tharizdun trap

FTT20 - The Library of Whispers


Having to choose between fighting the aberrant infected dwarves or the Spirit of Akaana in the Cube, Al takes the decision to leave the dwarf enclave behind and deal with ghostly drow. The Company of Wolves defeat Akaana’s spirit and her devil servants, and unite the drow princess three splinter part: mind, body and spirit, restoring Akaana’s true self. The thanks the party, in particular the drow ranger Vor’gyr and the female tiefling mage. She tells them that the next door leads to the Library of Whispers where the thoughts and memories of all the people trapped int the temple can be found. The Company decide to investigate the library and deal with the infected dwarves later.

FTT19 - Ghost in the Cube


The Company left the Blinking Eye tavern determined to take on the Dwarven Enclave. They packed extra firepower with a Tiefling Mage who joined the party for her own mysterious reasons. Having only the key to open the Moon doors, the Company had to venture once again through the Aboleth’s domain.

FTT18 - The Dwarf Enclave

Company of Wolves return to the Aboleth’s domain and open the Moon door in the Flooded room. On the other side, they discover a resitance force of Dwarves. Calling themselves Keepers of Hate, they had barricaded themselves in this area of the ziggurat, sworn to fight to the death the aberrant monsters that built the temple.

FTT17 - The Grand Stair


The Company of Wolves find a pit with two Meazels. Injected with all kinds of diseases, these wretched humanoids are living experiments of the Mind flayers. Next the the pit is a shrine for the Chain god protected by undead guardians. From the sacred spiral in the shrine two reapers appear to claim the souls of the unfaithful. The reapers initially ignore those who are touched by the Tharizdun’s Spiral of Madness until attacked. The dread zombie guardians are only truly slain by fire or radiant power.

FTT16 - Nightmare out of Time

The Company of Wolves is being followed. The three gargoles cross the time-door and join the Company of Wolves in the Ice Chamber. The creatures once again fly over and turn into statues close by. The Company sets off to continue their exploration of the ziggurat.

FTT15 - The Wrong Door

Ice chamber

After fighting with the purple worm, the Company of Wolves set camp on the other side of the bridge. While resting they see the gargoyles flying around their camp and turning into stone in different locations around the camp. Like vultures they seem to be scavengers waiting for the right moment, but the Company is too big for them to dare to strike.

FTT14 - The God of the Deep

View of the bridge

After exterminating a Black pudding ooze, the Company of Wolves continue their exploration of the Forgotten Temple. They discover a matrix table that can change the type of energy that the temple feeds. And in the same area there is a mysterious crying statue that drops black tears in a bowl. One of the exits from the room is blocked by a time-door with a Star keyhole.

FTT13 - The Temple Entrance

Entrance pit

The ancient dwarves of Deepreach build four elemental barriers to close off the ziggurat temple forever. They encased the ziggurat in a cube of stone, and afterwards flooded the entire vault where the ziggurat stood. They also created an invisible force wall surrounding the temple. The final barrier the dwarves established to stop the temple ever being open again was a fire breathing dragon. They had made a bargain with the creature to guard the ziggurat. The dragon slept until now.


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