The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT28 - Howls from Beyond

The party reach a chamber with a strange stone ziggurat. Statues of robed mind-flyers stand near each corner of the ziggurat, and at the top a vortex of prismatic energy whirling around. A tiefling appears next to the vortex. I’ts Lamashtu’s brother, Abasu. But he immediately uses dark magic against the party, and nouses can be heard from holes in the walls. Rats with exposed brains swarm out of the walls and attack the party. The dwarf Nadin and the drow Vor’gyr climb the steps of the ziggurat after Abasu and discover the mastermind controlling Abasu and the brain rats: a large mind flayer called the Lord of Madness. The enlarged mind flayer proves a lethal enemy. His long tentacles grab Nadin, uses the runepriest as a shield killing Nadin with the Vor’gyr’s arrows. The battle seems lost, and the party starts retreating. But Vor’gyr refuses to accept defeat keeps shooting arrows from above, using his drow levitation ability. The party regroups and brings down the Lord of Madness and his minions.

FTT27 - The Maze of Lost Souls

When they regain their strength, they charge in deeper in the maze where they not only find the dominated dwarves but their Slaughter Machine. During the battle, the dragonborn fighter Bartolo is sliced in half by the dwarven contraction. Notwithstanding the loss of their defender, the party prevails and destroys the worm-like creatures when they try to escape the bodies of the fallen dwarves.

FTT26 - The Hovels of the Damned

The party meet Lareth, the beautiful, and his deformed followers. Many of the followers are human and tieflings from the the underground city of Maelbrathyr. The party is disturbed by what they see, and wary of Lareth. He offers the party shelter but they refuse and leave Lareth and his followers. After crossing the third Gate of Agony, the party find themselves in the Maze of Lost Souls. They spring several dwarven traps and are soon confronted by the the missing dwarves of the enclave now under the control of aberrant worm creatures inside them. The party chase them down the maze but are forced to retreat when they face the leader of the worm-creatures in the body of the female dwarf Arene.

FTT25 - Inside the Belly of the Beast

At the three Gates of Agony, the Company of Wolves fight the twisted medusa Jehenna, and the cyclops, and the three gargoyles. After solving the riddle, the party crosses the Gate of Ignorance and find themselves in the Aboleth’s Domain. Going deeper inside a long tunnel with strange leathery walls, they discover that they are inside of the belly of purple worm. The aboleth uses the gargantuan worm as its lair. After slaying the aboleth’s servitors, the Company finally confront the lord of madness. Fearless they fight against a evil and alien intelligence that warps their minds with illusions and make the Company fight amongst themselves. But through sheer single mindedness the party vanquishes the odious aboleth and find a weak stop inside the gut of the purple worm, and force the best to regurgitate its insides.

*Three Gates of Agony – Encounter Level 10 (3,050xp)
3 Gargoyles

Inside the Belly of the Best – Encounter Level 10 (3,700xp)
3 Carrion Crawlers 900
2 Lacedons 800
Aboleth Dalmosh 1,600
Mouth of Madness (Obstacle)


Riddle of the Gate of Ignorance – 400xp

Total 7,150xp
(divided by 6)
Experience Points: 1,191xp

FTT24 - The Forbidden Fruit

The Company of Wolves finds several magic items of drow origin in the Brood’s hive. After questioning the Brood’s Mother, they discover that the chitines were once drow. They were sent to the Temple to find the Akanna. They learn that Akanna is the first daughter of the High Priestess of Lloth. They also hear that Akanna ran away from the Vault of the Drow with a human male slave. Even more startling, Akanna is a priestess of the Chained God, according to the Brood’s Mother.

Before leaving the Black Woods, the Company also eat the energy fruits from the black trees and their abilities are empowered.

In Maze of Eyes, the party discovered the beholder sleeping. They meet their old friend the goblin turned norker Gru. They rescued Akanna from the beholder, but failed to steal the powerful artifact orbiting the beholder. They decide to leave the maze before the beholder is awaken, and head to the second level of the temple.

Before the Company can advance any further, they are have to defeat the psychotic foulspawn guards stationed at the entrance of the second level.

Tunnels of Terror – Encounter Level 10 – 2,800xp
1 Roper
2 Gricks

Foul Guards (Encounter level 8) – 1,850xp
2 Foulspawn manglers
2 Foulspawn berserkers
1 Foulspawn Grue

Bonus XP

- Sparing the Brood’s Mother life – 400xp

- Rescuing Akaana from the Beholder – 400xp

- Avoiding being detected by the Beholder in the Maze of Eyes – 400xp

-Protecting the Mage against the foulspawn – 400xp

Total 6,250xp
(divided by 5)
Experience Points 1,250xp

FTT23 - Death from Above

The Escape from the Roper (Encounter level 10) – 3,400xp
2 Cloakers

The Black Woods (Encounter Level 8) – 2,350xp
10 Chitenes Grunts
2 Phase Spiders
1 Brood’s Mother
1 Hook Horror

Bonus XP

Nadin’s Fantastic escape from the Roper – 400xp

Nemo’s dialog with the Brood Mother – 400xp

Capturing the Brood Mother alive – 400xp

Total XP 6,950
(divided by 6)
Experience Points: 1,158xp

FTT22 - The Old Man and the Ballista


In the Domain of the Beholder, the Company of Wolves climb down a long deep tunnel and reach a vast cave with a mound surrounded by four obelisks. At the top of the mound a glaring column of solid energy beams straight upwards. Old Man Storvirk shouts from the top of the mound. Next to him is a ballista. He seems to be talking to the contraction as if it was a loved one and threats anyone who approaches.

FTT21 - The Myconid Colony

In the Library of Whispers the Company of Wolves find a secret passage to the Hermitage. After avoiding the Angel of Tharizdun statue trap, the drow ranger opens a treasure chest which reveals itself to be a mimic. From behind the shelves in the library two carrion crawlers come out to feed on the remains of the intruders of the hermitage.
Searching for Storvirk, the Company crosses the domain of the aboleth and use their new found key to open a Sun Door to the domain of the beholder, there they find the refuge of the myconid colony. The Myconids tries to assimilate the Company to their colony but are defeated by the fire powers of Lamashtu and Nadin.

Critters in the Library Encounter Level 4 (1,250xp)
1 Mimic
2 Carrion Crawlers
Angel of Tharizdun trap

FTT20 - The Library of Whispers


Having to choose between fighting the aberrant infected dwarves or the Spirit of Akaana in the Cube, Al takes the decision to leave the dwarf enclave behind and deal with ghostly drow. The Company of Wolves defeat Akaana’s spirit and her devil servants, and unite the drow princess three splinter part: mind, body and spirit, restoring Akaana’s true self. The thanks the party, in particular the drow ranger Vor’gyr and the female tiefling mage. She tells them that the next door leads to the Library of Whispers where the thoughts and memories of all the people trapped int the temple can be found. The Company decide to investigate the library and deal with the infected dwarves later.

FTT19 - Ghost in the Cube


The Company left the Blinking Eye tavern determined to take on the Dwarven Enclave. They packed extra firepower with a Tiefling Mage who joined the party for her own mysterious reasons. Having only the key to open the Moon doors, the Company had to venture once again through the Aboleth’s domain.


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