The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT15 - The Wrong Door

Ice chamber

After fighting with the purple worm, the Company of Wolves set camp on the other side of the bridge. While resting they see the gargoyles flying around their camp and turning into stone in different locations around the camp. Like vultures they seem to be scavengers waiting for the right moment, but the Company is too big for them to dare to strike.

FTT14 - The God of the Deep

View of the bridge

After exterminating a Black pudding ooze, the Company of Wolves continue their exploration of the Forgotten Temple. They discover a matrix table that can change the type of energy that the temple feeds. And in the same area there is a mysterious crying statue that drops black tears in a bowl. One of the exits from the room is blocked by a time-door with a Star keyhole.

FTT13 - The Temple Entrance

Entrance pit

The ancient dwarves of Deepreach build four elemental barriers to close off the ziggurat temple forever. They encased the ziggurat in a cube of stone, and afterwards flooded the entire vault where the ziggurat stood. They also created an invisible force wall surrounding the temple. The final barrier the dwarves established to stop the temple ever being open again was a fire breathing dragon. They had made a bargain with the creature to guard the ziggurat. The dragon slept until now.

FTT12 - The Guardian of the Temple

Forgotten Temple

In a once underwater vault, the Company of Wolves discovered a giant stone cube. Earthquakes revealed the cube to be a stone shell build by the dwarves of Deep Reach to encase a mysterious dark ziggurat. Having unearthed the dark ziggurat from it’s rock case, the Company of Wolves discover that there is a force barrier protecting the ziggurat.

FTT11 - The Forgotten Temple

While resting in the Chanter’s Cave, the Company of Wolves notice bubbles emerging from the quaggoth’s sacred pool, and suddenly a body bobs up on the water. The missing legs quickly identify the body as being of dwarf engineer Darren. His neck is broken and twisted in a revolting fashion.

FTT10 - Primal Fury

Crying caverns

The Company of Wolves climb down the pit in the Grell Cave and reach a giant cavern dominated by the ruins of an old dwarf tower. There they discover that a tribe of quaggoths captured Storvirk’s boar Grumpy and is using it for shooting practice.

FTT9 - The Grell God

In the river cavern, the Company of Wolves see the ruins of an ancient dwarf outpost next to a tunnel. They find hidden behind a dwarf statue a secret vault with 500 gold pieces.

FTT8 - The Deep Stairs Path

Deep stairs

The Company of Wolves leave Forgehome behind and take the Deep Stairs towards the Crying Caverns.

FTT7 - The Company

Inside the Storvik & Pickman headquarters, The Company of Wolves adventure party search for a mysterious monolith which Pickman is using to control a vast number Myconid colonies and direct them to destroy Forgehome.

FTT6 - Forgehome Under Attack

The Company of Wolves adventure party regroup back in Forgehome. In the Drinking halls, they learn that the Old Man has suddenly gone away, leaving Storvik & Pickman under the control of the mysterious co-founder of the mining company, Mr Pickman.


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