The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT8 - The Deep Stairs Path

Deep stairs

The Company of Wolves leave Forgehome behind and take the Deep Stairs towards the Crying Caverns.

FTT7 - The Company

Inside the Storvik & Pickman headquarters, The Company of Wolves adventure party search for a mysterious monolith which Pickman is using to control a vast number Myconid colonies and direct them to destroy Forgehome.

FTT6 - Forgehome Under Attack

The Company of Wolves adventure party regroup back in Forgehome. In the Drinking halls, they learn that the Old Man has suddenly gone away, leaving Storvik & Pickman under the control of the mysterious co-founder of the mining company, Mr Pickman.

FTT5 - The Halls of the Fallen - Showdown

After defeating the Norkers in the Halls of the Fallen, the Company of Wolves adventure party retreat back to their base in Forgehome to regain their strength.

FTT4 - The Halls of the Fallen - Part Two

Halls of the fallen

The Company of Wolves adventure party discover that the Duegars have returned after hundreds of years and are hiding in the ancient Halls of the Fallen. They seem to be making weapons and training an army of elemental powered goblins known as Norkers. Strangely both Duergar and Norkers are being protected by a colony of Grell.

FTT3- The Halls of the Fallen

The “Old Man” invites the Company of Wolves adventure party to the headquarters of Storvirk & Pickman. He tells the party that he say Grey Ones in the Halls of the Fallen and asks to investigate what is happening.

FTT2 - The Chamber of Eyes

The Company of Wolves takes the Brain worm to be examined by Storvirk & Pickman’s lab. The specimen was fairly damaged, but the managed to bring it to the lab where Arene helped to extract a white bubbling liquid from it (Elixir of Will).

FTT1 - The Evil that lies Beneath

Drinking Halls of Forgehome

The adventure party Company of Wolves begin their adventures when an tremendous earthquake shakes the vale, and the entire Wood vale collapses into a giant crater in the ground. An injured dwarf emerges from the crater. He is being pursued by Goblin raiders.


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