Thorfin Gurnisson

A Dwarven Warpriest of Moradin. Foe of the Far Realm. Keeper of Hate for Forgehold.


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Thorfin Gurnisson, level 8
Dwarf, Cleric (Warpriest)
Domain: Earth Domain
Inherent Bonuses
East Rift (East Rift Benefit)
Theme: Escaped Thrall

STR 14, CON 18, DEX 13, INT 10, WIS 20, CHA 8

STR 13, CON 15, DEX 13, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 8

AC: 25 Fort: 21 Ref: 19 Will: 22
HP: 65 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 16

Dungeoneering +22, Heal +14, History +9, Religion +9

Acrobatics +2, Arcana +4, Athletics +3, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Endurance +7, Insight +9, Intimidate +3, Nature +9, Perception +9, Stealth +2, Streetwise +3, Thievery +2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Escaped Thrall Utility: My Mind Is My Own
Dwarf Racial Power: Dwarven Resilience
Cleric Attack: Smite Undead
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Cleric Utility: Holy Cleansing
Cleric Utility: Resurrection
Avenger Feature: Abjure Undead
Cleric Utility 1: Stone’s Resolve
Cleric Attack 1: Earth’s Endurance
Cleric Attack 1: Burden of Earth
Cleric Utility 1: Stone Speak
Cleric Attack 1: Earthen Hail
Cleric Attack 1: Moment of Glory
Cleric Utility 2: Cure Light Wounds
Cleric Attack 3: Granite Shield
Cleric Attack 5: Divine Castigation
Cleric Utility 6: Cure Serious Wounds
Cleric Attack 7: Blessing of Dust

Level 1: Stone Cunning
Level 2: Devout Protector Expertise
Level 4: Dwarven Weapon Training
Level 6: Versatile Channeler
Level 8: Melee Training (Wisdom)

Holy Symbol
Throwing hammer
Meliorating Chainmail +2 x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Delver’s kit
Listening Cone
Flotation bladder
Heavy Shield x1
Spidersilk Mantle +2 x1
Force Warhammer +3 x1
== End ==


Thorfin didn’t remember how long he wandered the caverns and tunnels of the Underdark. He had been taken during a raid. If he had but known about the attacker to the rear Thorfin might have been of greater use to the caravan. When he awoke he was with a handful of other bedraggled individuals representing several of the races in the Underdark. The screams of the svirfneblin were the hardest to bare.

When Thorfin was ushered into the chamber by some of his former captives, now gray-eyed slaves, he saw a plinth with iron manacles at various heights to accommodate every race. After being locked in place a hideous creature strode into the room flanked by two floating grotesqueries. The two floating creatures resembled massive brains with a large beak protruding from a mass of trailing tentacles. They hissed to each other in a language that would soon be all too familiar for Thorfin. The being in between its hissing guards emanated a cold hate. Its skin, stretched taut over its thin frame, shone lightly blue in the chamber. The head resembled something that Thorfin had only seen in the fishmongers refuse bin. He would never forget a wrinkle on this creature’s head. It had dark amber eyes with hour glass pupils which rested above a near constant writhing mass of tentacles.

The creature looked at him, Abstermious looked at him, and Thorfin could feel an itching sensation that started at the base of his neck and felt as though it burrowed below the skin like an insect he could feel it scurry up his neck and dig deep into his mind. That’s when he heard the voice.


I See. Well, You will do quite nicely. I shall enjoy keeping you Gurnisson, and soon you will love me.

And so he did.

Thorfin continues to try to track down the Illithid, Abstermious, which held him for years. He wanders the Underdark from dwarven hold to human colony looking for signs of aberrant influence; hoping each time that he will find the illusive illithid.

Thorfin met Erfel Foxglitter, a deep gnome, after breaking free from the mindflayer’s slave den. Erfel is a gem hunter and scavenger who knew the tunnels of the Underdark like the veins in his hand. In fact, he swore that the paths he traveled most were mapped out exactly across his hands. Erfel helped Thorfin learn the back passageways and pitfalls of the Underdark. He mentored under Erfel for a few years until Throfin grew confident in his ability to navigate in the winding dark.

Thorfin Gurnisson

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