Barbarian goliath brought up by a human tribe.


Barbarian Attack 7 – Curtain of Steel


Jharen was brought up by the human Iron Wolf barbarians. It was said that as a baby he was borne to the walls of Woldred’s Hold by a large dire wolf.

Though it was highly strange to find a goliath, let alone a lone babe, within Iron Wolf territories, the elders looked favourably upon his unexpected arrival and had him taken in.

As he grew up, he distinguished himself valorously against the many threats that plagued the Iron Wolves, such as giants, orcs, undead and rival barbarian tribes. Over time, however, he wished to know more about his own people and so, with the elders’ blessings, he set off on a journey to find more of his kind, explore the lands beyond and quench his innate goliath curiosity.


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