A poor miner dwarf who wants to strike gold


Glim was a poor miner working for the Storvirk and Pickman Company. Ambitious and reckless, he stole a company secret map to find where he could dig for gold and set up his own prospecting company. Little did he know that the map he took from Storvirk & Co. pointed out to something far more important to the company than gold. The map had second hidden schematic that showed that the company was digging a network of tunnels with the intention of causing a major seismic event.

With the company map, Glim found an vein of gold in an area that for some unknown reason Storvirk & Co had avoided entirely. To Glim’s surprise the cave where he found his lode of gold was also the entrance of the Chamber of Eyes, a ancient shrine built by minotaurs that had been occupied by goblins from the Blood Reavers tribe.



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