Tiefling Psion


Heir to a small noble family, Atem, just wanted to enjoy his afternoon tea.

Sadly though with each passing day a incomprehensible feeling grew on him each time he sat on his balcony to enjoy said tea. He flicked through a few books and tried to understand what it could mean. He soon discovered it was most likely linked to a psychic presence growing in power. His timetable was free, he was bored and it meant he could avoid the in-laws.

Atem grabbed his staff, left a note and bought some tea leaves with him. Setting off to discover and hopefully stopping that annoying feeling.

Like most nobles he had a talent for psychic powers. Criminals, Highwaymen and Rogues were crafty, the more privileged needed a way to protect themselves when traveling. A psychic blast usually did the trick though. Atem delighted in watching former partners in crime murdering each other with the Tieflings influence. And this little adventure has meant that his powers have been growing somewhat. The taste for bloodlust is growing within him and he only looks forward to the future of his powers.


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