The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT22 - The Old Man and the Ballista


In the Domain of the Beholder, the Company of Wolves climb down a long deep tunnel and reach a vast cave with a mound surrounded by four obelisks. At the top of the mound a glaring column of solid energy beams straight upwards. Old Man Storvirk shouts from the top of the mound. Next to him is a ballista. He seems to be talking to the contraction as if it was a loved one and threats anyone who approaches.
When the party tries to climb the mound, storvirk fires the ballista and ghost legionnaires come through time distortions to protect the Old Man. Only when the Company finally reach Storvirk at the top of the mound it becomes apparent that column of light is indeed a massive chain that reaches a Black Cyst far in the air above. Powerful aberrant energy emanates from it. Also, the truth about Storvirk and his ballista is reveal: the contraction is a hideous grell philosopher disguised by an illusion.

The Old Man and his Ballista – encounter level 9 – 2,600xp
Old Man Storvirk
Balista / Philosopher Grell
3 Ghost Legionnaires

Danger Above and Below (incomplete) – encounter 9 – 2,400xp
2 Bulettes
2 Cloakers
1 Roper

Bonus XP

Finding Storvirk in the Temple – 2,400xp

Healing Storvirk’s wounds – 400xp

Stopping the ritual to break the Chain – 400x

Total 8,000
(divided by 7)

Experience Points: 1,142xp



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