The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT21 - The Myconid Colony

In the Library of Whispers the Company of Wolves find a secret passage to the Hermitage. After avoiding the Angel of Tharizdun statue trap, the drow ranger opens a treasure chest which reveals itself to be a mimic. From behind the shelves in the library two carrion crawlers come out to feed on the remains of the intruders of the hermitage.
Searching for Storvirk, the Company crosses the domain of the aboleth and use their new found key to open a Sun Door to the domain of the beholder, there they find the refuge of the myconid colony. The Myconids tries to assimilate the Company to their colony but are defeated by the fire powers of Lamashtu and Nadin.

Critters in the Library Encounter Level 4 (1,250xp)
1 Mimic
2 Carrion Crawlers
Angel of Tharizdun trap

Keepers of Hate trap Encounter Level 6 (1,600xp)
4 Iron boot traps

The Myconid Colony Encounter Level 9 (2,600xp)
3 Myconid Watchers
1 Myconid Terror
Speaker of the Colony


Extracting information from the Eater of Knowledge – 400xp

Finding Storvik’s secret rune – 400xp

Sparing the Myconid colony – 400xp

Total XP 6,650
(divided by 6)

Experience Points: 1,108xp



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