The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT20 - The Library of Whispers


Having to choose between fighting the aberrant infected dwarves or the Spirit of Akaana in the Cube, Al takes the decision to leave the dwarf enclave behind and deal with ghostly drow. The Company of Wolves defeat Akaana’s spirit and her devil servants, and unite the drow princess three splinter part: mind, body and spirit, restoring Akaana’s true self. The thanks the party, in particular the drow ranger Vor’gyr and the female tiefling mage. She tells them that the next door leads to the Library of Whispers where the thoughts and memories of all the people trapped int the temple can be found. The Company decide to investigate the library and deal with the infected dwarves later.

In the library they find the dwarf priestess Phaledra, surrounded by alien looking Eaters of Knowledge. She is next to a bookshelf and with many books thrown on the floor. In her hand is a small golden object – the Sun Key. The Company charge at the Eaters of Knowledge, who are no match against the battle-hardened Wolves. But like many things in the Temple, Phaledra is not entirely what she seems, and turns into a vicious Werewolf. Notwithstanding the new enemy, the Company is victorious and capture the leader of the Eaters of Knowledge and subdue Phaledra, who uncounscious turns back to her dwarf form.

The Ghost in the Cube – Encounter Level 9 (2,600xp)
Spirit of Akaana
2 Chain devils
2 Canaloths

The Library of Whispers – Encounter Level 10 (3,300xp)
2 Eaters of Knowledge Voidblades
2 Eaters of Knowledge Thoughtarrows
1 Eater of Knowledge Mindstrike (leader)
Phaledra, cursed priestess of Moradin

Major Quest – Uniting Akhaana’s three parts (Mind, Body and Spirit) – 2,400xp


- Capturing Eater of Knowledge for information – 400xp
- Sparing Phaledra’s life – 400xp

Total XP 9,100xp
(divided by 8)
Experience Points: 1,137xp



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