The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT24 - The Forbidden Fruit

The Company of Wolves finds several magic items of drow origin in the Brood’s hive. After questioning the Brood’s Mother, they discover that the chitines were once drow. They were sent to the Temple to find the Akanna. They learn that Akanna is the first daughter of the High Priestess of Lloth. They also hear that Akanna ran away from the Vault of the Drow with a human male slave. Even more startling, Akanna is a priestess of the Chained God, according to the Brood’s Mother.

Before leaving the Black Woods, the Company also eat the energy fruits from the black trees and their abilities are empowered.

In Maze of Eyes, the party discovered the beholder sleeping. They meet their old friend the goblin turned norker Gru. They rescued Akanna from the beholder, but failed to steal the powerful artifact orbiting the beholder. They decide to leave the maze before the beholder is awaken, and head to the second level of the temple.

Before the Company can advance any further, they are have to defeat the psychotic foulspawn guards stationed at the entrance of the second level.

Tunnels of Terror – Encounter Level 10 – 2,800xp
1 Roper
2 Gricks

Foul Guards (Encounter level 8) – 1,850xp
2 Foulspawn manglers
2 Foulspawn berserkers
1 Foulspawn Grue

Bonus XP

- Sparing the Brood’s Mother life – 400xp

- Rescuing Akaana from the Beholder – 400xp

- Avoiding being detected by the Beholder in the Maze of Eyes – 400xp

-Protecting the Mage against the foulspawn – 400xp

Total 6,250xp
(divided by 5)
Experience Points 1,250xp



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