The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT18 - The Dwarf Enclave

Company of Wolves return to the Aboleth’s domain and open the Moon door in the Flooded room. On the other side, they discover a resitance force of Dwarves. Calling themselves Keepers of Hate, they had barricaded themselves in this area of the ziggurat, sworn to fight to the death the aberrant monsters that built the temple.
The Keepers of Hate believe that Company are thralls of the Mind Flayer Abstermious and try to capture Thorfin, the dwarf member of the company. When the Keepers of the Hate activate the Slaughter Machine, an old contraption build by the Dwarves of Deepreach, the party realise that they are outnumbered and outgunned and decide to retreat back through the Moon door.
Back in the Aboleth’s domain, the Company of Wolves choose to go through the Moon door in the old Otyugh’s lair. They are spotted by the Purple worm that lives in the Aboleth’s domain, and Thorfin is nearly killed by the titanic beast while the party fled through the Moon door.
The party find themselves in a completely different area of the ziggurat with round corridors and globe shaped rooms. Thorfin soon realise that this echo of the ziggurat must have been build by the beholder race. In this unlikely place they discover the Blinking Eye tavern, a neutral area in the ziggurat where different kind of creatures go to drink and be merry. The Company meet Gru at the tavern. But much has changed: Gru is no longer a goblin weaking, infused with elemental power Gru is now a stone-skinned norker.

Dwarf Enclave Encounter (Fled) – 800xp

Purple Worm with Scavengers Encounter (Fled) – 500xp

Bonus – Saving Thorfin’s life – 400xp

Blinking Eye Tavern (Talk encounter) – 800xp

Total Experience – 2,500xp
(Divided by 3)
Experience Points: 833xp



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