The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT16 - Nightmare out of Time

The Company of Wolves is being followed. The three gargoles cross the time-door and join the Company of Wolves in the Ice Chamber. The creatures once again fly over and turn into statues close by. The Company sets off to continue their exploration of the ziggurat.

This area of the Ziggurat is new, in another time zome, and very different from the Domain of the Aboleth where they were before. Beyond the Ice Chamber the Company find a small antechamber with three doors. They detect a strong power source from the door immediately ahead, but are surprised to find that one of the other doors is made of living flesh. The hideous object emmits a psychic scream when destroyed by the druid and sorcerer’s fire: a warning signal of some kind. They hear noises from behind the other door, but are met by no one.

The Company proceed through the burning flesh to find more architecture made of living organic matter. They also find a statue holding a basin with the Black Tears of Tharizdun. The statue is similar to the ones in the Aboleth’s domain apart from the figure which is a mind-flayer this time. The druid drinks the Black Tears and is filled with hazzy memories of the dark god’s imprisonment with them he aquires the Spiral Madness of Tharizdun.

Exploring the Mind Flayer’s domain – 300xp

Openning the Flesh doors without raising the alarm – 300xp

Taking one of the Illithid vats – 300xp

Earworm infestations – 350xp

The Headless Corpse – Encounter Level 11 – 4300xp
1 Akanna’s Body
2 Chillfire Destroyers
4 Intellect Devourers (ustilagor)

Total XP 5900
(divided by 7)
Experience Points: 842xp



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