The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT25 - Inside the Belly of the Beast

At the three Gates of Agony, the Company of Wolves fight the twisted medusa Jehenna, and the cyclops, and the three gargoyles. After solving the riddle, the party crosses the Gate of Ignorance and find themselves in the Aboleth’s Domain. Going deeper inside a long tunnel with strange leathery walls, they discover that they are inside of the belly of purple worm. The aboleth uses the gargantuan worm as its lair. After slaying the aboleth’s servitors, the Company finally confront the lord of madness. Fearless they fight against a evil and alien intelligence that warps their minds with illusions and make the Company fight amongst themselves. But through sheer single mindedness the party vanquishes the odious aboleth and find a weak stop inside the gut of the purple worm, and force the best to regurgitate its insides.

*Three Gates of Agony – Encounter Level 10 (3,050xp)
3 Gargoyles

Inside the Belly of the Best – Encounter Level 10 (3,700xp)
3 Carrion Crawlers 900
2 Lacedons 800
Aboleth Dalmosh 1,600
Mouth of Madness (Obstacle)


Riddle of the Gate of Ignorance – 400xp

Total 7,150xp
(divided by 6)
Experience Points: 1,191xp



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