The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT19 - Ghost in the Cube


The Company left the Blinking Eye tavern determined to take on the Dwarven Enclave. They packed extra firepower with a Tiefling Mage who joined the party for her own mysterious reasons. Having only the key to open the Moon doors, the Company had to venture once again through the Aboleth’s domain.
But their present didn’t go unnoticed (triggered random encounter). The floor disappeared in the gaping mouth of the Purple worm together with some scavenger xorns. Sensing a easy prey two of the gargoyles picked on the injured members of the party. Thorfin was swallowed up by the purple worm. Standing still right in front of the Purple worm the tiefling avoided being noticed by not making any movement. To escape the purple worm the Company bribed the gargoyles with magic items, and the stone creatures agreed to fly the party across the broken bridge and the exit door.
Once out of the gargoyles domain, the Company returned to the Dwarven Enclave. They discovered a new secret passage inside the enclave and managed to surprise the dwarves. But the dwarves soon revealed not to be entirely themselves. Worms crawled under the dwarves’ skin. Speaking always in the plural form, the dwarves seem to be controlled by the creatures inside them. The Company retreats to another room where they see a ghostly cube.
A phantasmal voice of a woman asks them to come closer. And heroic statues on the four corners of the chamber demand that the woman is set free, but there seem to be no one inside the spectral cube. When Glym is pushed inside the cube, the phantasmal figure of a drow maiden appears and the statues turn into demons.

Purple Worm with Xorn Encounter (Fled) – 1,200xp

Dwarf Enclave Encounter (Fled) – 1,000xp

Bonus – Acquiring information in the Blinking Eye Tavern – 400xp

Bonus – Bargaining with the gargoyles – 400xp

Bonus – Thorfin’s glue and oil traps – 800xp

Bonus – Jharen neck lock on Glym – 400xp

Total 4,200xp
(divided by 4)
Experience points 1,050xp



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