The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

FTT28 - Howls from Beyond

The party reach a chamber with a strange stone ziggurat. Statues of robed mind-flyers stand near each corner of the ziggurat, and at the top a vortex of prismatic energy whirling around. A tiefling appears next to the vortex. I’ts Lamashtu’s brother, Abasu. But he immediately uses dark magic against the party, and nouses can be heard from holes in the walls. Rats with exposed brains swarm out of the walls and attack the party. The dwarf Nadin and the drow Vor’gyr climb the steps of the ziggurat after Abasu and discover the mastermind controlling Abasu and the brain rats: a large mind flayer called the Lord of Madness. The enlarged mind flayer proves a lethal enemy. His long tentacles grab Nadin, uses the runepriest as a shield killing Nadin with the Vor’gyr’s arrows. The battle seems lost, and the party starts retreating. But Vor’gyr refuses to accept defeat keeps shooting arrows from above, using his drow levitation ability. The party regroups and brings down the Lord of Madness and his minions.



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