Eons before Man walked the Earth, Tharizdun was chained and his name struck forever out for history; his crime unspeakable. At a crossroads between countless worlds and realities, the Chained God stirs in his ancient prison. “I have waited, and you have come.”

The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun is a dnd 4e campaign, based on Gary Gygax original adventure. The game is intended for players of any level of experience. It is hoped that these sessions will give players with little or no experience with 4th Edition D&D a chance to learn the ropes (including those with no D&D experience whatsoever) alongside more experienced players; as well as giving regular players a chance to play a different character in a different setting for a session or two.

When and Where
Fortnightly on Sundays, from 12:30 at the Ship, running until 17:30.

Adventure Log
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Campaign Wiki
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THE PARTY – The Company of Wolves

  • Jharen, goliath barbarian (striker) – Ajay
  • Nadin, dwarf runepriest (leader) – Stuart
  • Al, goliath warden (Defender) – Jon H
  • Vor’gir, drow ranger (striker) – Rodger
  • Thorfin (cleric) – Donhnall

The Fallen:

  • Gardain, dwarf fighter (Defender) DEAD – Jon H

Former members:

  • Atem, tiefling psion (controller) – Seth
  • Ki’Raal Varn, drow rogue (striker) – Timothy
  • Karya, hamadryad Invoker (Controller) – James Joyce
  • Sheik, deva shaman (leader) – Russell
  • Vyse, halfling rogue (striker) – George Howard

Characters are currently at level 9.

You start with 100 gp per level. You may spend the gold on equipment and common magic items.

Please tick the inherent bonuses box on the character builder.

Beyond Gary Gygax original adventure, this campaign borrows material from many sources. Amongst the main sources are: “Pyramid of Shadows”, by Mike Mearls and James Wyatt; “Underdark”, by Rob Heinsoo and Andy Collins; “Thunderspire Labyrinth”, by Richard Baker and Mike Mearls, and “Lords of Madness”, by Richard Baker et al.

The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

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